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Join The Community at Our Bartending School

We opened our bartending school with the goal of giving up-and-coming mixologists a place where they can hone their craft and build community. Our academy is both an affordable bartending school as well as a place where you can go to meet Baltimore’s bartending scene. We’re the artisans that are defining mixology for our city.

Join us today and find out what is driving bartending in Maryland.

As a professional bartending school, it’s our primary goal to educate new bartenders. We want to help people at every stage in their bartending career to develop their skills and improve their work. Whether you are just getting started and you need to learn the ropes or you want to learn flair, we’ve got experienced instructors ready to help you.

This is what makes us the best bartending school in Baltimore. We’re dedicated to improving the craft of mixology on every level. Our instructors can get you started by teaching you the laws and regulations for bartending in Maryland and work your way up to creating your own cocktails.

Here’s how joining our local bartending school can change your life.

An Affordable Bartending School Where You Can Make Connections

Attending bartending school doesn't have to break your bank. One of the many reasons people attend our academy is to open up new career potentials, not go broke.

We know how hard it can be out there for aspiring mixologists. That’s why we focus on combining the best education as well as the most affordable instruction. We want you to be able to learn the skills you need to succeed in our industry and save money in the process.

We’ve been able to make our affordable bartending school so cost-effective by working with the best local talent in Baltimore. Teaching isn’t just our job, it’s our passion. We see mixology as being more than just a career, it’s a calling.

How a Professional Bartending School Can Improve Your Career

Starting a professional bartending school is the best thing you can do for your career as a bartender.

Let’s start with the basics. Maybe you’re a barback or you’re a server who is looking to start making better money. We see this all the time. In fact, many bartenders got their start in the industry working those very types of jobs. Joining our academy will give you the skills and the knowledge you need to move your career up to the next level.

As a bartender, not only will you be making more money, but you’ll be able to work on a craft you truly care about.

If you’re experienced behind the bar, but are looking for ways to advance your career, our school is the place you should be. We can help you learn the tricks of the trade that can take you from just pouring orders to being a true mixologist.

Along the way you’ll be making connections with some of the biggest names in our community. Being a great bartender isn’t just about skills and knowledge, it’s also about being comfortable in social settings. We can help you advance all of these skills and so much more.

How We Became the Best Bartending School

Gorgitenders Bartending Academy became the best bartending school in Baltimore, Maryland by offering something to our community.

We do more than just educate, we build up the bartenders and mixologists that will lead tomorrow. Our school is currently teaching the next flair icons, tastemakers, and mixologists that will define our craft for years to come.

What we teach more than anything else is a commitment to excellence. We want you to not only have fun and forge new relationships along the way but to strive to be the best you can be.

Join Baltimore’s Finest Local Bartending School

Are you ready to join the best local bartending school in our community?

Whether you just want to take a few classes to perfect that pour or you are ready to take the deep dive into the complex and exciting world of mixology, we can help.

At our school, you’ll not only learn what it takes to become a great bartender, but also make connections to our city’s restaurant, club, and mixology scene. You’ll forge new connections that will allow you to land the job of your dreams while advancing your own style.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about attending classes at our mixology academy.